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Bangalore is a beautiful city, deserving of its name as the city of lakes. Along with the numerous lakes, the lovely weather has made Bangalore a haven for IT parks and true cosmopoliton. As people continue to buy flats, through this article, we try to make you understand an approximate way of figuring out the cost of doing interior design in Bangalore. For our reference, we consider a 3BHK new flat. This can be used roughly for a smaller one or two BHK flat or even for a larger villa.


Calculate the cost of designing your house

How to start dividing the areas which need budgeting for Interior Design?

First and foremost, you need to divide the things based on your budget. This is obvious since if you cannot spend to get some expensive polishes then there is no point thinking about them. For this reason, you need to first know if the house is for your own stay or its an investment which will be given on rent. We at Simply Interiors have many options available in our Experience Center in HSR Layout which you can check to get a better understanding. To visit the place, please Click Here.

How is own stay different from rental flat for cost of Interior Design?

While the difference seems obvious, its not really so. Cost of Interior Design may vary for a rental flat depending on the kind of people who will most possibly take the house on rent. E.g. if your flat is located in a more cosmopolitan area like Whitefield or Sarjapur Road, then its advisable to do a basic false ceiling in the living room even in the rental flat. Depending on the value of the flats, you may even want to install dishwashers as well keeping in mind the prevalent work from home culture post Covid.

E.g. we have done a few interiors in a Prestige apartment on Varthur road. The 2BHK interiors is very basic for a rental flat consisting of a modular kitchen, wardrobe, loft and a small TV unit. The lovely 3BHK flats have a much more elaborate kitchen, bigger wardrobes and TV unit, study table, false ceiling as well as a dishwasher installed. And both of these are for rental.

For a flat for own stay, in the same example above, we can do any or all of the below:

  • Alter the finishes (more premium instead of laminate)
  • Add more woodwork including custom beds, sliding wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes etc
  • The false ceiling can be more richly designed and use not just gypsum but also wooden patterns, wallpapers, textures etc
  • Add wall treatments like natural stone, wallpapers, panels etc
  • Add decorative lights and other light sources
  • Include décor items like curtains, cushions, mattresses.
  • Include furniture like sofas, dining table, recliners and even high back chairs in bedroom etc

  • For our calculations, we will consider basic interiors which are essential for all flats. Do you want to calculate the Cost of Modular Kitchen

    What is included in the basic interior work for a flat in Bangalore?

    Interior design can be divided into two broad parts:

    1. The fixed interiors which cannot be changed regularly or easily. These things are usually expected to last for many years. All fixed woodwork, false ceiling, wiring, civil work etc falls into this category.
    2. The interior décor which is movable. This includes curtains, lights, movable furniture like sofas, beds, wallpapers etc

    The first part is usually the essential work. In this, the following are the things which you can consider:

  • Living and dining rooms: TV unit, Crockery unit, Shoe Rack, Puja, false ceiling
  • Bedrooms: Wardrobes, loft, dressing unit and some things in self flats that can be considered like TV unit, study table, chest of drawers, bed, side tables.
  • Kitchen: Bottom and top cabinets, chimney, accessories (depending on usage and who is going to stay) etc
  • Light fittings including lights, fans etc everywhere.
  • Bathroom storage and fittings like geyser and exhaust.
  • We will now take the costs on a room wise basis and calculate how much is the cost of doing interior design in a 3BHK flat in Bangalore.

    In case you are not aware or are confused of how the square feet of a unit is measured that is the thing used below, please check this post.

    How to calculate the cost of various units

    Calculating cost of boxed units

    A “box” typically means a wooden unit which is enclosed with shutters / doors. Wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, the storage parts of TV units, crockery units, shoe cabinets and any other units which have a carcass and doors. Depending on the material used, the prices obviously vary. The prices also depend on the finishing. Finishing means what has been done for the outside look. This may be laminate which is the most common or could be duco, PU, acrylic, glass, polyester or even vinyl, wallpaper, paint etc depending on the designs and budgets. We at Simply Interiors do all of these without any issue.

    We do not recommend particle board at all. Lots of companies say that they are using “engineered wood”. If they are not specifying, chances are that they are using particle board or low quality MDF. We at Simply Interiors use ISI marked plywood only. Kitchens and wet areas have Boiling Water Proof plywood. In case of PU or Polyester or in case of CNC cuttings, we may use high grade HDHMR. This is done for ensuring a smooth finish. You can check these out in our Experience Center.

    Assuming the box to be made of ISI plywood with laminate finish, the price may vary between Rs.1400 to Rs.1500 per sft. Add Rs.150-Rs.200 for BWP plywood in kitchens. These prices include everything except GST. Prices vary depending on designs, number of drawers, type of handles, sliding channels, price of laminates etc. e.g. a laminate from Royale Touche will be a bit more expensive than Merino. Similarly a chest of drawers with a much larger number of drawers per sft area will surely have a higher cost than a wardrobe.

    You can measure the square feet and multiply the sft rate to get the cost.

    Calculating cost of lofts and other frames

    Loft prices are usually lower since they are not complete boxes but only the outside doors on frames. The reason for this is because

    1. The additional boxing will waste material and hence money for no reason
    2. Loft space will be compromised by adding wooden box inside since the support is anyway coming from the below unit or slab.

    While the measurement is done in sft, the prices are typically Rs.300 to Rs.400 less than the boxing price for the same specs.

    Calculating cost of Ledges and Panels

    A panel is wooden covering on a wall or beam. This is usually done to either hide something at the back (wires in a TV unit) or for aesthetic purpose. Ledges may be free standing directly on the wall or on a panel or other wooden unit. A free standing ledge may not be able to take a lot of weight.

    A ledge does not use a lot of material in terms of quantity but needs finishing on top and bottom. It also needs to be made more carefully hence labor cost is higher. A panel requires lesser material compared to a box for obvious reasons but may have cove in the sides for lighting.

    A panel is measured in sft while a ledge is measured in running feet. Some people in Bangalore also measure the cove of a panel separately. In case of Simply Interiors, we take a case to case decision on that depending on the quantity of coves.

    Depending on the sizes, thickness etc, the price for ledges and panels varies from Rs.850 to Rs.1100 for laminate finish.

    What is the cost of other finishes for a 3BHK interior design in Bangalore?

    While we have given above the approximate range of prices for laminate finishes, PU finishes could be around 40-50% higher. Duco is not as high as liquid acrylic or even PU but compared to them, it is not as good in quality also. Liquid Acrylic will be similar to PU considering a very good quality of material. Please click here to know more about what is Liquid Acrylic. Lacquer glass is around 70% higher than laminate. One of the most expensive finishes is polyester. Its typically double of laminate finish. It also comes in some amazing finishes like marble etc which could be a bit higher than double. There are several other finishes which are possible. Please know more about them here.

    So finally, what is the cost of doing Interior Design for a 3BHK flat in Bangalore

    Obviously price depends on sizes as you would have realized. Below table gives an approximate idea assuming a standard size flat. Note that this is a basic cost and does not include any specific requirements or accessories.

    Width Height Sft Rate Price
    Bottom Units 18 3 54 1550 83700
    Top Units 12 2 24 1550 37200
    SS Baskets 15000
    Living / Dining Room
    TV Unit Bottom Storage 5 1 5 1400 7000
    Shoe Rack 3 4 12 1400 16800
    Crockery Unit 5 7 35 1400 49000
    False Ceiling (Incl Paint) 400 110 44000
    Bedroom 1
    Wardrobe 7 7 49 1400 68600
    Loft 7 2.5 17.5 900 15750
    Bedroom 2
    Wardrobe 6 7 42 1400 58800
    Loft 6 2.5 15 900 13500
    Bedroom 3
    Wardrobe 5 7 35 1400 49000
    Loft 5 2.5 12.5 900 11250
    TOTAL 469600

    This does not include lights, fans, wiring, civil work or any other additional woodwork. It also does not include furniture prices. All of these can be discussed by the Simply Interiors team and created for you. Do you want to calculate the Cost of Wardrobe

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