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We keep hearing about modular kitchen and how expensive they are to build. How many of the people really understand what is the cost of a modular kitchen? We try to clear this up in this small article. Please note that the article only deals with modular kitchens where the house is new and builder is providing standard things like dado tiles, counter top, sink, plumbing, electrical etc. If you are looking for the total cost of a kitchen design then kindly go through this article.


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What is a Modular Kitchen?

A Modular Kitchen is basically a term used for a kitchen which is made in modules. These individual modules are then screwed together to make the whole kitchen. Each module is made as per standard depending on the purpose it is supposed to fulfill. For this reason, a Modular Kitchen is functionally very strong.

Is a modular kitchen made in a factory?

It is wrong to assume that a Modular Kitchen has to be made in a factory. As long as it is made using the concept of modularity, it can be made even on site. In fact, in a lot of places, modular kitchens are even made using DIY techniques. Please note that if made properly in a factory, the kitchen has to be modular. Reverse need not be true.

What are the advantages of a modular kitchen?

There are several advantages to a modular kitchen. Some of these are assembly, construction, cleanliness as well as time of execution due to factory execution. It’s easy to simply replace a module instead of changing the whole kitchen if a small part has been damaged. Assume that there has been a plumbing leakage which has destroyed the area near the sink. In a traditional kitchen, that will mean changing the whole area since removing one side will mean removing the whole woodwork. In a modular framework, only the modules which have been destroyed can be taken out and replaced.

Apart from these, there are several other advantages and disadvantages of a modular kitchen. All these have been discussed in much greater detail in this article on Modular Kitchen.

How to calculate the cost of Modular Kitchen?

Just like everything else, typically the following are the things on which the cost of modular kitchen (or any kitchen) depends:

  • The raw material being used for the woodwork. This includes the plywood, internal and external finish etc.
  • The hardware that you choose. Things like soft close hinges, push to open fittings, hydraulic pumps etc.
  • The fittings that go into the kitchen. SS baskets, tandem boxes, magic corners, bottle pullouts etc are included here.

Prices can vary dramatically based on the selection of the above items. We will be considering what we consider as the basic essential things for this article. You can always Contact Us for your specific requirements and we will be happy to help you with your interiors.

For our sake, we will consider the following specifications of the kitchen:

  1. Wood for framework: We have considered IS710 Boiling Waterproof Plywood in all frames.
  2. Wood for shutters: As for frames, we have considered IS710 BWP plywood for shutters.
  3. Internal finish: White or off white laminates have been considered.
  4. External finish: Branded laminates from companies like Century Lam, Merino or Greenlam are considered.
  5. Hardware fittings: Normal close fittings from Hettich or Ebco are taken.
  6. Other fittings: We have not considered tandem boxes. SS baskets (SS304 grade) including thali, cutlery, plain and bottle pullout is considered.

Once you have these things set, you need to go about measuring the square feet of the woodwork needed. Take a measuring tape or check your floor plan and calculate the square feet. If confused, please check this article to understand how to calculate square feet of a unit. Please keep in mind not to take the whole area but only spaces where woodwork will come. e.g. remove space for refrigerator from your calculations. Keep in mind that this is where a lot of interior designers or contractors fool you while sharing the initial quotes. To know more about this, please read this short article.

Now all you need to do is multiple the measurements you calculated with the rates below* to find the cost of woodwork and then add the cost of Other Fittings to get the total cost of Modular Kitchen.

Area Rupees per Square Feet
Bottom Cabinets Rs.1600
Cabinets above counter Rs.1600
Lofts Rs.1100

* Rates are indicative based on general prevalent prices across India. For exact prices in the cities where we work, please contact us.

Other fittings that can go into a kitchen (Modular or otherwise) are huge in quantity. That is the reason we have taken a basic cost of Rs.18,000/- based on the baskets mentioned above. This can go down or up (into lakhs as well) depending on what kind of kitchen, you are looking for.

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