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What is the cost of Interior Design in Pune?

Pune has been evolving to become a wonderful cosmopoliton. With an amazing array of IT campuses in areas like Kharadi, Pimpri Chinchwad, Kothrud, Magarpatta and Amanora etc, the city is growing rapidly. It takes after its close neighbor and more famous Mumbai as far as flat sizes and interior design is concerned. To give an idea of cost of interior design in Pune, we have taken 3BHK flat as reference. This can be used roughly for a smaller one or two BHK flat or even for a larger villa.

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How to start identify you requirements for Interior Design?

First and foremost, you need to check what you need and how much you are willing to spend for each area. This is obvious since if you cannot spend to get some expensive polishes then there is no point thinking about them. We at Simply Interiors have many options available in our Experience Center in Kharadi which you can check to get a better understanding. We can also guide you through the entire process. To visit our experience center, please Click Here.

There are also many ways in which interior designers and contractors may try and show a smaller quote and it suddenly bloats up when you start the interior work. Please check this blog in case you are worried about this.

What can be the budget for interior design for a flat in Pune?

While it is very difficult to give a fixed amount for interior design, prices may start for around 4-5 lakhs for a good quality 3BHK interior design and go upwards of 10, 20 or even 30 lakhs. It all depends on the scope of work and finishes.

E.g. we have done a few interiors in Amanora. A 2BHK flat interiors was very basic for a rental flat consisting of a modular kitchen, wardrobe, loft and a small TV unit and cost just around Rs.3 lakhs. Another lovely 2BHK flat in the same tower had a much more elaborate PU kitchen, veneer finished wardrobes and TV units, study tables, beds, false ceiling, lighting and a lot of movable furniture as well along with some appliances. This flat quote went to around 35 lakhs. And both of them were similar in size.

For our calculations, we will consider basic interiors which are essential for all flats.

What is included in the basic interior work for a flat in Pune?

Interior design can be divided into two broad parts:

  1. The fixed interiors which cannot be changed regularly or easily. All fixed woodwork, false ceiling, wiring, civil work etc falls into this category.
  2. The interior décor which is movable. This includes curtains, lights, movable furniture like sofas, beds, wallpapers etc

The first part is usually the essential work.

We will now take the costs on a room wise basis and calculate how much is the cost of doing interior design in a 3BHK flat in Pune.

In case you are not aware or are confused of how the square feet of a unit is measured that is the thing used below, please check this post.

Steps to take to calculate cost of interior design

List down things you are looking for

First things first. Sit down and list out the things that you are looking for in your home. Of course, some of them will be essential. Thinks like modular kitchens and wardrobes usually are necessities. Many things could be highly optional. Maybe a cosy corner which you desire so much is optional depending on things like budget. List them all down.

Figuring out the sizes

Step 2 has to be to figure out the size of the things. A lot of them will be in individual units. A sofa set for example is not of a particular size but can be a three seater. For fixed woodwork, use your floor plan (in case you cannot access your flat at present) or use a measuring tape in your flat. To check how to calculate the square feet, please check this short blog post to get an idea.

Calculating cost of units

Fixed woodwork is usually divided into four "types" of units. Of course, some may not figure in any of them and have to be considered separately.

  1. A “box” typically means a wooden unit enclosed with shutters / doors. Obviously, all storage spaces including wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, crockery units, shoe cabinets etc are boxes. Since kitchen and wet areas have boiling waterproof plywood, there cost per square feet will be more than a wardrobe. Other factors which may govern the price are things like hardware brands, number of drawers etc. Assuming a basic finished "box" made of ISI plywood with laminate finish (also called sunmica), the price may vary between Rs.1450 to Rs.1550 per sft (excluding GST). Add Rs.150-Rs.200 for BWP plywood in kitchens.
  2. Lofts and other frames have a lower cost compared to boxes as they do not have an internal carcass but only a frame with doors. Unless you are taking a box, you should not pay box rates. Prices are usually Rs.300 to Rs.400 less than the boxing price for the same specs.
  3. Ledges might look simple and cheap but they require hardware like ledge rods and a lot of effort and time to make. Even then, they do not cost as high as boxes. Ledges are not measured in square feet but in running feet.
  4. Panelling if done simply to cover a beam or a wall also costs less than a box. Of course if its going to be thick, then the cost will vary upwards. Depending on size, thickness etc, panels may cost between Rs.950 and Rs.1250 for laminate finish.

Adding them all up

Once you have all the rates and sizes, multiply each to get the total price of the unit. Then they can all be added up to get the cost of interior design for your home.

Depending on the material used as well as the hardware and fittings, the prices may obviously vary. The prices also depend on the finishing of the woodwork. So instead of laminate which has been mentioned above, it could be duco, PU, acrylic, glass, polyester or even vinyl, wallpaper, paint etc depending on the designs and budgets. We at Simply Interiors do all of these without any issue. You can check these out in our Experience Center.

Also note that we at Simply Interiors do not recommend particle board at all. The reasons if not clear can be checked here as well. Lots of companies say that they are using “engineered wood”. If they are not specifying, chances are that they are using particle board or low quality MDF. We at Simply Interiors use ISI marked plywood only except in case of certain polishes for which we use high quality HDF or HDHMR.

Here is a small table to explain the cost of doing Interior Design for a 3BHK flat in Pune

Please consider this only as a reference. This is a basic cost and does not include any specific requirements or accessories.

Width Height Sft Rate Price
Bottom Units 18 3 54 1600 86400
Top Units 12 2 24 1600 38400
SS Baskets 18000
Living / Dining Room
TV Unit Bottom Storage 5 1 5 1450 7250
Shoe Rack 3 4 12 1450 17400
Crockery Unit 5 7 35 1450 50750
False Ceiling (Incl Paint) 300 110 33000
Bedroom 1
Wardrobe 6 7 42 1450 60900
Loft 6 2.5 15 950 14250
Bedroom 2
Wardrobe 6 7 42 1450 60900
Loft 6 2.5 15 950 14250
Bedroom 3
Wardrobe 5 7 35 1450 50750
Loft 5 2.5 12.5 950 11875
TOTAL 464125

This does not include things like movable furniture, wiring, electrical fittings, civil work etc. All of these can be discussed by the Simply Interiors team and created for you.


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