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Gone are the days when using neutral colors in homes was considered as boring and bland. The latest interior trends are all about neutrals. Neutral colors, such as beige, ivory, gray, white, etc are dominating the color schemes of not just commercial projects but many residential properties. Neutral tones are finding their way into the living spaces of the people who prefer an understated and sophisticated charm.

What are the neutral colors?

In interior design, neutral signifies “without any color” and thus, the name, neutral colors. Neutral hues and shades like beige, ivory, black, white, gray, as well as taupe, appear to be sans color. They may have underlying tones, for instance, beige may have an undertone of gold, pink, or tan. White may have the underlying tone of ivory, peach, or blue.
Neutral colors add a certain understated attractiveness to the interior space and allow you to be experimental. They give you the liberty to play with the other elements of your interior space in a subtle or dramatic way.

How can you use neutrals?

You can use a neutral color scheme in your home in two ways- an all-neutral look which is quiet and soft or a background color to highlight more dramatic accents.
Take a cue from the ideas that we have shared here:

  • An all-neutral room
  • An all-neutral look defines elegance and sophistication. It is everything classy. You can use different hues of a neutral color. To get an all-neutral look, select your favorite neutral color and use different shades of this color in your space. Use the light shade of the color on the walls and a darker shade on upholstery. Use a rug or carpet in a shade darker than the wall. Accessorize the room with accent pieces in various shades of the same color. You can either opt for one shade and scatter accessories in that shade or go for all the hues and shades. The understated room gives a warm and inviting look.

  • A neutral background
  • If you want to incorporate some colors in your space, you can do it in conjunction with neutral colors. To use this scheme, select a neutral color, either light or dark. You need to consider the fact that a darker color tends to close the space making it look compact, while on the other hand, lighter colors open up the space making even smaller spaces look larger. Select the color that goes with the nature of the room and the amount of light it receives. Going with a lighter color is the best option. If you are using a lighter neutral on your walls, you can inject a pop color in your upholstery. Think of using maroon, royal/electric/navy blue, rust, orange, or hot pink sofa. Use a rug in the same color used on the wall or shade different from it. You can infuse pops of colors in your subtle space in the form of bright accessories like lamps, wall accents, artifacts, curtains, pillows, etc. Neutral on walls balance well with bright accents. This allows you to play with your creativity and bring all your favorite colors in your room without going overboard.

    Benefits of using neutral colors in interior design

    The biggest benefit of using a neutral color scheme is that you can use it as a canvas to paint your imagination. Using colors on walls can restrict you in certain ways but going neutral on walls gives you the freedom to use one or more of your favorite colors without giving an overwhelming appearance to your room.

    Here, we have listed some major benefits of using neutral colors in interior designing:

  • They are visually relaxing
  • Neutral colors are unsaturated and hence, they ooze out a calming effect. They give you a relaxing background and maintain a beautiful flow in your interior space without distractions.

  • They go well with different tastes
  • Whether your taste is traditional or contemporary; whether you like subtle colors or their pop versions; neutrals compliment them all.
    A neutral background allows you to play with your personal design style.

  • They help you strike a perfect balance
  • Using bright accessories with bold colors on the wall can make your room look clumsy. Plus, it also inhibits you from using various textures and patterns. On the other hand, you can perfectly balance different textures and patterns with neutral colors on the walls or other décor elements. Think of using a bright red sofa against a wall in any bright color or bright pink cushions on a bright colored sofa- you will get an utterly busy look that wouldn’t be less than a sore in your eyes. Now, think of a bright red sofa against a neutral wall or bold patterned pillows on a neutral sofa- this is a perfect example of a balanced look.

  • They go well with different color palates
  • Whether you have an inclination towards cool tones or warm tones; you can team them up with any neutral color to create a striking harmony. Neutrals are versatile.

  • They keep away the monotony
  • If you are a person who constantly feels an urge to do something different into your interior space, you must think of using more and more neutrals. Many people consider neutrals boring. Per contra, neutrals keep away the monotony. You can keep adding accents and play with different color schemes all the time.

    If you go for a neutral background, you can use any complimentary color and keep changing it from time to time. You will not be limited to a specific scheme or color. With seasons, mood, or month; you can keep changing your space, dusting all the monotony away.

    Colors are important, especially in interior designing. But, in many instances, steering clear from colors do better than using them. Using a neutral color scheme in interior designing brings out the best aesthetics and creates a beautiful living space. So, if you are under the impression that neutral colors are boring, you must re-evaluate your thought process. Neutrals are beautiful.


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