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Simply Interiors believes in providing low cost interior design solutions to our customers. Think of us like a low cost airline. The intention of flying in a plane is to reach from place A to place B. For most of us, that is what we need with interiors. What we need are wardrobes, kitchen cabinets which are long lasting at a reasonable cost.

How we do this is simple. Based on our experience, we have realized that wardrobes and kitchen cabinets are usually the same since the functions are the same. What changes are external colors and finish. For this reason, we have optimized our designs in such a way that material wastage as well as time taken for labor is minimized. Since these two are the primary costs in interiors, the overall cost is nearly half of what you will get for a similar wardrobe from an ecommerce site.


For the designs, we have a decent range of internal layouts of wardrobes to choose from. We also have a wide range of laminates and membrane finishes which are not available elsewhere.

All these come without compromise on material quality. We do not use MDF or particle board for frames or shutters even if the work is done in a factory. All the plywood which goes into your project is ISI grade. In addition, you will get a detailed report of the material that is going to be used which we sign off on.

If you are interested, we schedule a visit by our expert to discuss our offerings with you as well as plan out the work. Please read about this in detail here.

Our work happens in broadly 4 steps.


Requirement Gathering

Once you have finalized your work with us by paying a small advance, we will schedule a visit to your place with our contractor team to gather all the requirements. During the visit, we take the measurements, finalize the layouts for the various things, discuss the other things within our scope and finalize the finish selections. Please keep some time off for this meeting so that details can be frozen. Additional visits for the same purpose are charged. You will get the final details for your approval by mail.


Quote and payment

Once the scope has been finalized, you will get a detailed quote based on the things included by you. You will also get payment details as well as schedule of payment and approximate timelines post payment. No changes can be entertained beyond this point.



Work starts. You will also get a material audit report as well as a mid project update as the work continues. Once the things are ready to be installed, you will also get a work status report with photos.


Installation & Handover

Final installation of all material and handover happens once final payment is done. You will also get a detailed invoice with details of all material purchased. This along with warranty cards (if any) will work as adequate proof or purchase in case you need to contact any other brands in case of faults.

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