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Different Types of Paints.

Today there are many different kinds of wall paints for interiors and exteriors available that are being offered by national and international brands. It is important to know more about these home paints so that you can make the right choice. One can also mix two 2or more kinds of paints, but it is important to know what the end effect will be, beforehand.

White Wash

A WhiteWash is the cheapest variety of paint. The paint material is made by mixing powder, chalk, or slaked lime, in water, inappropriate amount. It is usually used for painting the brick walls and the walls made of concrete, among other surfaces. In some cases, it may also be used for painting wooden walls. Materials like Fevicol may be added to the whitewash mixture to make it colorful and a bit longer lasting.

Emulsion Paint

The word emulsion signifies a solution of two liquids that do not mix with each other completely. For instance, oil and water make an emulsion, and you can see the layer of oil clearly in the water. In most of the emulsion paints, water is the solvent or the main vehicle/medium within which the pigment, binders, and additives are added and remain dispersed. The binders used in paints form a continuous film and are essentially polymers. Some of the binders used in formulating paints include epoxy, acrylic, resin, and the alkyd resins. Emulsion paints offer good flexibility, dry up quickly, and are used on both internal and external surfaces.

Satin and Eggshell Paint

The durable satin and eggshell paints have a soft sheen and silky finish. The paint variety may not hide the imperfections and is used commonly in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Matte Paint

The Matte paint does not have a reflective finish and is also devoid of loss. It has a velvety texture, which cannot be cleaned easily. But the paint can hide the wall imperfections easily.

Gloss Paints

Gloss paints offer stupendous reflection and the shine is also long-lasting. For better gloss and finish, multiple coatings are necessary. This is so because the paint can also highlight the flaws and imperfections.

Oil Paints

The basic vehicle in oil paint is oil varnish or oil within in which pigment particles are suspended. These oils may include nut oil, poppy oil, tung oil, linseed oil, and others. Other chemicals are also added to these oil paints, which may include Naphtha and methyl ethyl Ketone among others. Oil Paints cost more but also have many desirable properties. They resist stain, are more durable, smooth, as well as glossy. The disadvantage of the paint variety is that the oil paints may emit certain fumes that may be toxic and harmful to human health. The paint offers lesser flexibility, which makes them unsuitable for the painting of exterior surfaces

Enamel Paint

For making the enamel paint, glossy material is added to oil-based paint. Petroleum spirit, resinous materials, zinc white and white lead may be used in manufacturing and enamel paint. The opaque, glossy, and hard finish of the paint may be highly desirable in many instances. The durable paint may dry fast or slow depending on the thinner used.

Cement Based Paints

When cement is the major constituent of paint, it can provide for utmost durability and hardness. These paints can be applied on the interior as well as exterior walls. Cement paint does not require any other organic matter or oil. It may be the best option for an exterior surface, as it can reduce the dirt accumulation, and also prevent water penetration. Whether it is an outdoor or indoor wall, or a concrete wall structure, cement paint may be one of the best options available.

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic is the main binding ingredient of this paint, and it is also a water-based paint. Acrylic enamel, acrylic latex, and acrylic latex enamel are some of the varieties of acrylic paints. The paint offers better durability. But the higher shine of the paint may also reveal the imperfections.

Distemper Paint

The distempe rpaint is a form of water-based paint, available in many different colors. The main constituents of this paint include water, lime,coloring pigments, and chalk. It can be said to be a better version of the whitewash paint variety. When durability and longevity are not prerequisites, the distemper paint can be used in both interiors and exteriors. The paint variety is also relativity cheaper, and available in paste and powder forms.

Anti-Condensation Paint

When you want to prevent the growth of mold and mildew within home interiors, the anti-condensation paint maybe the best option. These paints do not allow the moisture to condense even under the humid conditions. The paint may consist of cork and other kinds of fillers that may have heat insulating properties. Moisture condensation is a known cause of mold growth. The application of the paint in any area can also prevent the growth of fungi.

Lead Paints

The Lead paints are used in homes, but for painting the wooden surfaces. A paint that has a concentration of more than 5% lead oxide is called a lead paint. The paint provides a washable finish to any surface and is also durable and resistant to water/moisture.

Texture Paint

Texture paint is a new paint variety and can provide for the painting of different kinds of styles on the wall surfaces. The paint includes leather, lace, ribbon, metal and coarse grains including sand and gypsum among others. Apart from the visual effect, these paints also create a feel or touch effect. You can hide the unevenness or the imperfections of wall surfaces through the use of texture paint. It is also a great alternative to the wallpaper.

The different types of parents can also be mixed with each other, to produce the desired effect. But it is important to choose the paint according to the home layout and the amount of natural light it actually gets. It is recommended to invest in good quality paint so that it is long lasting can also protect the wall surfaces. The looks can also remain for a longer period of time and provide for better aesthetics.


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