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Entry Way Design Ideas

Home is more than a place with a roof, where you can eat and sleep in privacy. It is where you spend your special moments with your family or in solace. Through your home, you reflect your interests and beliefs. While you can reveal your sense of art and explore a wide array of colours and shades, you can also show a bit of vibrance while designing the entryway. You can think of something subtle and intriguing for the foyer area that connects the door to your main room hall.

Here are a few suggestions you can use to design your home focusing on the entryway.


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Use Statement Flooring

As far as you have striking flooring, it will steal the show. The best is to go for Italian marble flooring, as marble flooring keeps the temperature cool significantly. And it also gives a royal and rich look.

Incorporate Seating

You can add the x-factor by assembling suitable seating arrangements. While choosing furniture, especially chairs or a mini sofa, you can use multiple ideas. If you have used marble flooring which is a great choice, you can go for dark-coloured wooden options like natural wooden brown or for marron-based shades. If you want to go for a bit of a minimalist look, a pair of low-rise chairs or a mini-sofa can be a good option to go for.

Utilize Smart Storage

Utilizing your space smartly should also be part of your home decor plan. You can have in-built storage (wall cupboards) followed by drawers. Here, you can get creative with the covers for the cabinets; you can also opt for seating furniture consisting of storages.

Natural Textures

It is possible that for each room in your beloved nest, you have different designs in mind. While you might want to add bright-coloured wallpaper to get a bold accent in your house, you can also go for a few natural shades. You can have walls painted in off-white or beige painted along with an aqua-coloured flower vase or a jute rug. It's also a great idea to combine a lamp in your space.

Add Sculptural Elements

A sculpture of Buddha is a pretty common yet very defining one. You can opt for other metal sculptures apart from the religious ones too. Either a shelf or a table would be a good place for it.

Include Traditional Elements

Our enriched traditions can help us design your home. You can let the traditional factor affect the choice while choosing show pieces or sculptures. On the other hand, you can also choose a traditional-looking wallpaper.

Add Greenery

This one is a ‘must-do’ idea. Having plants around the house will not only improve the appearance but will also keep the air fresh and clean. Regardless of whether your home is a tenement or an apartment, having a handful of plants will benefit you greatly. Having nature in the house will improve your mental health too.

DIY Gallery Wall

If you spend your free time doing craftwork or painting, having an art wall will complete the dream house. You can colour the wall in a way that enhances your art-works.

Planning your home decor is a time-consuming yet interesting task. However, seeking correct professional help while designing your home for luxury home improvements will make the process much smoother.

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