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Acrylic Finish vs. Laminate Finish

The type and quality of finish used on the kitchen cabinets make this vital part of the home look appealing and welcoming. But, when it comes to choosing the perfect finish for their kitchen cabinets, homeowners today are often spoilt for choice. Among the options available, acrylic and laminate finishes have emerged as the most popular options. However, to choose the best option between the two, it is important to understand these types of finishes and their advantages.

Read on to know about both acrylic finish and laminate finish in detail to make the right choice.


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An Overview of Acrylic Finish in the kitchen cabinets

Acrylic is a relatively new material made from plastic resins or polymers and available in the form of sheets as well as liquid form. We will be comparing the sheets in this case. The material lends a glossy, mirror-like finish to the kitchen cabinets and is comparatively easy to maintain. This is because acrylic sheets are harder than the standard laminate sheets. The acrylic finish is available in several colors and is a great option for giving a high-end modern look to the kitchen.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Acrylic Finish

Awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of using an acrylic finish is essential for establishing its suitability for a home. This popular kitchen cabinet finish's most important benefits and drawbacks include the following.


  • The smooth and shiny look of the acrylic finish lasts for years with minimal maintenance. In addition, the glossy look means more reflective surfaces, which eliminates the risk of the space looking dull and worn down after a few years. This ensures that the kitchen continues to look bright and visually appealing year after year.
  • Installing acrylic finish is relatively inexpensive, and the finish can withstand extensive wear and tear. In addition, cleaning and maintaining cabinets with an acrylic finish is as simple as wiping them down with a moist cloth. This further helps to make this finish extremely cost-effective in the long run.
  • The kitchen is the one area of the house that is prone to excessive heat, moisture, and humidity. All these factors can easily damage cabinets. However, the acrylic finish is known to offer high resistance to heat and moisture and hence help in enhancing the life of kitchen cabinets significantly.
  • Acrylic finish is available in several colors and hues, making it suitable for homes with different décor themes. It is also the perfect choice for giving the kitchen a vivid and interesting look by mixing and matching different colors.


  • One of the biggest disadvantages of using acrylic finish is that even the smallest amount of dirt and the lightest stains are easily visible. So, the cabinets must be constantly wiped down to prevent stains or dirt from spoiling their beauty.
  • Depending on the position of the kitchen and the house in general, the acrylic finish might reflect the heat and light of the sun due to its high level of gloss. This could be uncomfortable for many people.
  • A huge disadvantage compared to laminate finish is the cost of acrylic sheets. One sheet of acrylic could be double or triple in price compared to laminates.

Learning More About Laminate Finish

Laminate is a man-made material created by pressing layers of paper together with plastic resin sheets. The top layer of the laminate is printed with different colors and decorative patterns to give it a classy and elegant look. The laminate finish is suitable for both conventional and modular kitchens. There are also paper laminates or membranes available in the market but since they are not suitable for a residential interiors, we will not discuss them here.


  • The laminate finish is available in several colors and finishes, including glossy, wooden, matte, and ultra-high gloss. It is also available in various natural textures with the same look and feel as wood or stone.
  • Laminates are extremely durable and can withstand excessive wear and tear. They also offer greater resistance to moisture, heat, UV rays, and other damaging environmental elements. This makes them a suitable choice for kitchen cabinets that have rough usage.
  • Installing a laminate finish is quite inexpensive and budget-friendly. Moreover, the durability and ease of cleaning and maintenance of the finish further enhance its cost-effectiveness. They can be cleaned by wiping them with a cloth moistened with soapy water. That is why the finish is quite popular among people working on a tight budget.
  • Laminates are comparatively cheaper compared to acrylics for use and they even offer more shades and patterns to choose from. Acrylics on the other hand are only available in high gloss finish with limited laminate ranges unless we start looking at liquid acrylics where the range can be almost unlimited.


  • The biggest drawback of the laminate finish is that it is prone to chipping, and once that happens, repairing the finish is impossible.
  • Even the ultra-glossy laminate finish is less glossy than the acrylic finish. Unfortunately, this gives the kitchen a somewhat less shiny and glamorous look and makes it look less interesting.

Final Verdict

From the above pointers, it is quite clear that both acrylic and laminate finishes enhance your kitchen's aesthetic appeal and help maintain its beauty. So, which finish is better depends entirely on your aesthetic needs, personal preferences, and budget requirements.


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