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Simply Interiors team has an experience of over 5000 successful executions of home interior design across Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. We put in a lot of effort to ensure timely delivery while adhering to the promises of quality made to our customers and it shows in our wonderful feedbacks and reviews.

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Our Services

As we love to tell our customers - you give us an empty house and we will hand over the keys of a ready to move in, fully furnished and decorated home. We take care of complete end-to-end interior design solutions including design and execution in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. Apart from that, we also undertake complete home renovations.


Home Interior Design

End to end home interior design for apartments, villas and independent houses


Home Renovation

Complete renovation of houses including rooms, kitchens, wet areas etc


Modular Kitchen

Fully modular to semi-modular kitchens with amazing variety of finishes


Bathroom Remodeling

Complete overhaul of bathrooms including civil and plumbing works


Movable Furniture

Hardwood and soft furniture for all areas of the house


Interiors for hospitality industry

Hotels, restaurants and resort interiors including landscaping and commercial kitchen setups.

Our Working Process

We follow a broad set of guidelines for ensuring proper and timely project execution. This may vary slightly since we know that every project is not the same.

Requirements analysis

Discussions and designs

Execution on-site

Audit and handover


Our service defines industry standards. This is also evident from numerous feedbacks not just here but also on platforms like Google and Houzz.

Venkata Reddy

via Google Reviews

Very recently I have given my new 3BHK home interiors works to Simply Interiors, They have done very good job within the time period (45 Days) and within my budget as well. Kudos to entire simply interiors team. I will highly recommend Simply Interiors for your Interiors works.

Swathi Jai

via Houzz

Simply Interiors is a wonderful company who had provided details and even finishes which no other companies were able to. We are extremely happy with the outcome and their service both during and after the work was completed. Thank you!

Swapna Pathak

via Google Reviews

Since we were not in India and wanted to get our house done up. We approached Simply Interiors. Right from helping us with getting possession from the builder to getting the place completely ready, Simply Interiors team handled everything easily.

Simply Interiors FAQ's

How much does an interior designer charge? +-
How much should you budget for an interior designer? +-
How much does an interior designer charge in India? +-
How do you calculate interior design cost? +-
How much do interior designers get paid in India? +-
How much do 3D interior designers cost? +-
What is included in interior design? +-

Interior design includes civil work like floor tiles, kitchen and bathroom tiles, plumbing, electrical work, false ceiling and POP work, woodwork, polishes, paint, glasswork as well as movable furniture and decor items like curtains, bathroom fittings and appliances.

What is turnkey interior design? +-

Turnkey interior design means design which is usually done at site or in a workshop and is highly customized for your particular home and requirements.

What is the difference between interior design and decorating? +-

Decorating is a part of Interior design. While interior design will include woodwork, tiles etc which are fixed in a house, decorator will only work with things which can be replaced easily like curtains, sofa fabrics, wall decors etc.

Where can I get the best interior designer? +-

You can get the best interior designer at Simply Interiors.

What to consider while hiring interior designers and decorators? +-

Three things to consider when hiring an interior designer are value, time of execution and quality. Also keep in mind that a good renowned brand will also ensure good service even after the project is over.

What are the various design aspects with which an interior designer can help? +-

While you know what you are looking for, a designer will help in getting the practical and design aspects into your requirements to help you build a home of your dreams.

Why is interior design important? +-

A well designed home will be practical, efficient and will look beautiful as well.

How do I choose the right interior design companies for my home? +-

You can contact Simply Interiors for all your interior design requirements.

What to consider while hiring the home Interior Designers in Bangalore? +-

Check for how long the company has been in operation and if they have an experience center. Post that, check on the pricing and timeline management.

More About Us

We started around 8 years back as a small upstart to make a difference in the highly opaque and elusive interior design industry. As we and all our friends got our own homes designed, we realized the issues faced by similar people since it is difficult to take things available online at face value. You will get both advantages as well as disadvantages of anything you search for in this industry. Is it good to have a false ceiling? Yes. Is it bad to have a false ceiling? Yes. Things got really confusing which made us start working on making things transparent and honest.

We began by providing Interior Design services in Bangalore and slowly expanded our presence to Hyderabad and Pune. We also started our own manufacturing unit in Bangalore which is now moving to its permanent location near Hyderabad in a 1.5 acre complex.

While designing new apartments and villas has been our primary source of work, we have also started handling execution of design of just a room or renovating bathrooms as well as kitchens. We are slowly becoming specialists in designing kids rooms, home offices, pooja rooms and even renovating living rooms and special function bedrooms.

Our services are not limited to Interior Design but also expand to manufacturing completely customized furniture like sofas, beds, tables, chairs etc. We in fact continue to look for challenging assignments in this domain and look forward to executing things which are not readily available. Apart from this, we have multiple tie-ups in home decor and applicances spaces to ensure that our customers get the entire requirements taken care of under one single roof.

As our manufacturing setup expands, we will start doing all the polishing finishes from the factory itself. You will then be able to get a much more superior product with finishes like Malamine polish, PU (Polyurethane), Liquid Acrylic as well as Polyester (polycoat or lamination as its sometimes called) right from the factory.

Home Interior Design

We specialize in interior design services for home. While modular fittings are in vogue, we also have a very extensive range of customized interiors which will leave you stunned. Whether it’s an apartment or a villa, every home deserves the best. And that is our motto for every home that we design. We keep the budget of the client in mind and make suggestions to ensure that the home you get is the best possible.

We have an extensive range of designs, each of which will be customized, based on the requirements of the client. While we can have individual crockery units, TV units, wardrobes, pooja units etc but they should combine cohesively to ensure that the whole room gives a homogenous feel and doesn’t look cluttered.

Home Renovation

While new homes have a lot of things going for them like floor tiles, bathrooms, kitchen backsplash etc, a lived in home has its own stories to tell. You could be buying a lived-in home or you might be interested in getting your own current home renovated, we can get the work done. Home renovation could include the entire house or could be limited to single rooms like kids bedroom design. The challenges vary and the requirements from your vendor also varies. We have a team to handle things like civil work, electrical work, granite and marble as well as the regular wood, false ceilings, painting, polishing etc. We also ensure proper coordination and management of all our projects so that the client has to undergo least discomfort.

Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchens are not exactly something which you need to make in a factory. Even though we do but a modular kitchen means a kitchen made using modules which can be assembled as well as dis-assembled. Our Modular Kitchens are not just great in terms of the fittings inside thanks to our company to company tie-ups with brands like Hettich, Hafele and Ebco but we also offer a huge range of finishes and materials. Our finishes not only include the standard finishes like laminates, lacquer and acrylics but also some wonderful options in veneer, melamine polish, PU polish, liquid acrylic and polyester. We consciously stay away from membrane finish and duco finish due to there much more inferior quality.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is one of the most challenging and complicated works in the entire house. This is not just because it has a lot of stuff going on in a small space but it is also operationally and logistically challenging. One bathroom remodeling requires demolition, civil tile laying, plumbing, masonry, electrical, woodwork, glass and mirrors, appliance installation, false ceiling, UPVC, shower partitions. Basically the entire work force comes into play. In addition, there are multiple selections that a family has to do and a designer has to put a lot of mind to ensuring the output is great. Our bathroom remodeling service ensures that our customers get the entire range of services with a single point of contact. We do not even go to hire machinery being used since we have our own drills and other equipment so no need to worry on that front also (ask a mason to start working and then once you have paid, hear the reasons he gives to start work late and you will realize what we are saying).

Movable Furniture

Pine, oak, birch, mango, teak, sheesham, rubber, neem…these are just some of the hard woods that could be used to design a lovely chair. Or any other movable furniture for that matter including tables, beds, cots etc. The difference is not just in cost but in the expected output as well. Things like color, design, texture along with strength needed become essential. We also curate and build sofas, couches and other soft furnishings based on specific inputs of our customers. The customization is not just limited to design and color but also to the hardness of seats, sizes and height etc.

Interiors for Hospitality

We love homes. And the same warmth is what we try to bring to our hospitality projects as well. Designing office spaces, restaurants, bars or even spaces like clinics or medical centers is something we love doing and executing. The requirements are more budget oriented and our team is geared to handle the unique requirements and challenges which come along with these projects.